People who have Changed the World: Imagined Interviews

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to chat with some of the greatest people ever?

Through the discussion between interviewer and interviewee, Bernard Marin has sought to offer insights into the personalities, passions and foibles of Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Sigmund Freud, Simone de Beauvoir, John Stuart Mill and John Maynard Keynes. 

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Letter to my Father

This letter was never sent.

A moving testimony to a difficult father–son relationship it gives the reader an insight into the complex inner life of its author. In carefully chosen words, the author attempts to settle accounts with his troubled father, who once appeared to him so omnipotent that he could write, ‘everything that Dad said was a commandment from heaven’.

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Stories of Profit and Loss

Bernard Marin’s life in accounting has introduced him to high flyers and those who might seem perfectly ordinary . . . to anyone else.

He has seen it all – the highs and lows, the powerful and the powerless – and understands that a person’s balance sheet can be a slice of their life, a financial CT scan that exposes a great deal.

With an eye for detail and a generous heart, Bernard brings you the stories that have moved him, filtered through a lively imagination and remade as fiction.

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Stories of Remembering and Forgetting

Remembering and forgetting can be conscious or unconscious acts, which can heal or harm.

Bernard Marin’s life has been rich in experience and intriguing characters. He comes from a tradition where remembering, and forgetting, can be life-changing.

Bernard examines mental illness and family conflict, extramarital affairs and transgender issues, refugees and war, making ordinary lives extraordinary and more real than our own.

Bernard brings his meticulous eye and generous spirit to these stories, which will intrigue, shock and entertain.

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Good as Gold: A Novel

It’s the mid 1950s, and Robert’s parents, Jack and Betty Pickering, are confident they are doing what’s best for this young black boy.

Recognising the child’s athletic ability, Jack encourages him to train hard, to go for gold. But despite Jim’s outstanding success, something is wrong, and when his father finally dies, Robert discovers the terrible truth about his black brother that will explain everything.

A unique and powerful story of the stolen generation.

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My Father, My Father

Bernard Marin, a successful Jewish accountant, was almost fifty when he was suddenly struck down by crippling headaches.

The problem however, was not just physical. Bernard’s distress was the result of years of denial over his poor relationship with his father, who had died fourteen years before...

This book is the story of what happened next, as Bernard Marin almost fell apart, driven by an overwhelming compulsion to discover what had been kept from him. His journey has led to this extraordinary tale of loss, discovery and redemption.

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