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Reflecting on Mabo

‘So, I’m ready when you are.’ The young woman looked from one man to the other over the top of her glasses and clicked her pen encouragingly.

Finding Home

‘When Dad told me that we were leaving Germany to take a ship to the other side of the world, I struggled to understand what that meant.’ Abe smiled at his grandson Joshua.

Dealing with the Devil

‘I’ve been reading a really interesting book,’ Solly said as he took a sip
of his coffee.
‘Tell me more,’ said David.
‘It’s called The Transfer Agreement, by Edwin Black.’...

Never Forget

‘So, let me begin with a question,’ said Moishe to the three dozen VCE students from Ben Yehuda College sitting opposite. ‘Have any of you heard the name Emanuel Ringelblum?’.

Night of Broken Glass

‘Dad,’ Rita said, clearing her throat, ‘I know you always told me that my great-grandpa died of a heart attack, but I don’t believe it. I’ve heard things ... whispers. I want to know the truth.’

To kill the Führer

‘Vater, how did Opa die?’ asked Catherine. ‘I know the story about a seizure, but I need to know the truth.’

The Good Brother

‘Why the smile?’ Sophie asked. She was wearing denim jeans, fashionably torn at the knees, a beige silk blouse and black leather jacket. She looked gorgeous.

When Albert met Sigmund

In 1931, the Institute of Intellectual Cooperation invited Einstein to a cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas about politics and peace with a person of his choosing. He selected Sigmund Freud...

The Secret Stain

Emily glanced at the waiter who stood behind her right shoulder. He tugged at the cork of a 2001 Dalwhinnie Moonambel Shiraz, then poured a fifth into her glass.

Wannsee Conference

‘I saw a disturbing documentary on the TV yesterday,’ Otto announced midway through dinner. ‘About the Wannsee Conference. Have you heard of it?’

America on the Brink

‘You pro-Trumpers are playing with fire,’ muttered Paul Levinson as he pushed through the doors of the Republican House of Representatives cloakroom. ‘We never should have backed that orange-haired fool.’

Seeking our True History

John sat at the long kitchen table in the warehouse conversion he shared with his partner Carrie.  Both were dressed for the cold, John in a military trench coat and Ugg boots and Carrie in layers of colourful woollens, fingerless gloves, and long thick socks.


The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

‘Thank you for inviting me, Mrs Silverman,’ I said, proffering a bottle of red wine purchased the day before at the kosher supermarket on Glen Huntly Road.

Privacy and QR codes

‘Have you heard?’ I asked, sliding into my usual seat at a table in a Pelham Street café, just down the block from Melbourne Law School.


Like many other Jewish families in Australia, my parents made it to Australia in the late 1920’s and mid-1930s, fleeing a Poland already beset by anti-Semitism and about to be invaded by the Nazis.


Lyn propped herself up on an elbow and gazed at her lover. ‘It’s fantastic when we’re together.’

A Second Chance at Friendship

The intercom buzzed and my secretary said, ‘There’s a woman called Nicole calling. Says she knew you at university?’

Donald Trump and the Central Park Five

As we breathe a collective sigh of relief at Donald Trump’s departure from the White House, we gaze in horror at the detritus he left in his wake.