Short stories

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Bernard’s short stories.

America on the Brink

‘You pro-Trumpers are playing with fire,’ muttered Paul Levinson as he pushed through the doors of the Republican House of Representatives cloakroom. ‘We never should have backed that orange-haired fool.’

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

‘Thank you for inviting me, Mrs Silverman,’ I said, proffering a bottle of red wine purchased the day before at the kosher supermarket on Glen Huntly Road.

Privacy and QR codes

‘Have you heard?’ I asked, sliding into my usual seat at a table in a Pelham Street café, just down the block from Melbourne Law School.


Like many other Jewish families in Australia, my parents made it to Australia in the late 1920’s and mid-1930s, fleeing a Poland already beset by anti-Semitism and about to be invaded by the Nazis.


Lyn propped herself up on an elbow and gazed at her lover. ‘It’s fantastic when we’re together.’

A Second Chance at Friendship

The intercom buzzed and my secretary said, ‘There’s a woman called Nicole calling. Says she knew you at university?’

Donald Trump and the Central Park Five

As we breathe a collective sigh of relief at Donald Trump’s departure from the White House, we gaze in horror at the detritus he left in his wake.